The Office for Civil Rights issued Title IX guidance in 2011, 2014, and 2016 that clarified the responsibilities of schools to protect students from discrimination and sexual violence. That guidance has been instrumental in protecting equal access to education regardless of gender, gender identity, or gender expression. Countless students depend on this guidance to stay and be safe in school.

In January 2017, numerous organizations launched the #DearBetsy campaign to ask Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s then-nominee for Secretary of Education, to publicly commit to maintaining Title IX guidance.

At her confirmation hearing, she stated that it would be “premature” to commit to upholding the Title IX guidance. Every day since, DeVos has increasingly indicated that she is uninterested in enforcing Title IX. Now, we believe the Trump Administration is planning to inflict even more to harm by rolling back these very protections for survivors and students.

So, not only are we back — we're here to say that we're not going anywhere. 

We are not any single organization. We are a collection of survivors and individuals who believe that everyone deserves to pursue an education free of discrimination and sexual violence. Our messages are clear. 

To the Trump Administration: Survivors of sexual assault have refused to be silent since this administration began its journey to the White House. We will not be silenced now.

And to survivors of sexual assault everywhere: We believe you. We support you. You are not alone.


Our Demands

Enough is enough. Protections for survivors must remain intact, and we call on:

  • The Trump Administration to maintain and enforce protections of any kind for survivors of sexual violence, including programs, policies, funding for Violence Against Women offices, programs, and grants, and upholding guidance

  • President Trump to commit to preserving the status quo for all programs and policies previously put into place to help survivors of sexual violence, given that he has been accused numerous times of committing sexual violence, and is therefore likely incapable of acting in the best interest of survivors

  • Government officials everywhere to ensure policy decisions at all levels of government to be trauma-informed and informed by survivors’ experiences

  • University officials to commit to doing what’s best for students and survivors by upholding prior Department of Education guidance, regardless of the actions of the Department of Education and the White House

  • All supporters of survivors of sexual violence to have their voices heard by our government



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Tell your representative why Title IX matters to you, and that they should hold the White House administration accountable for enforcing it.

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