The Title IX guidance issued in 2011, 2014, and 2016 clarifies schools’ responsibilities to protect students from discrimination and sexual violence. That guidance has been instrumental in protecting equal access to education regardless of gender, gender identity, or gender expression. Countless students depend on this guidance to stay and be safe in school.

But this guidance is under attack. The Department of Justice has already taken steps that would put protections for transgender students in jeopardy. This has serious implications for education. It’s more important now than ever that the Department of Education hears from you about why Title IX matters.

Call the Department of Education to ask that that guidance be maintained, enforced, and prioritized.



Dial 202-401-3000. Or. if you can't get through, you can dial the main number for the Department of Education at 1-800-USA-LEARN (1-800-872-5327) and press 3. 


Sample Call-In Script

Hi, my name is [your name] and I am from [State].  

I am calling because I care about Title IX’s protection of students’ rights to go to school in a safe environment, free from discrimination and violence.  

Please tell Secretary DeVos that I want the Department to keep in place Title IX guidance on preventing and addressing sexual harassment and assault and protecting transgender students from discrimination.  I also want OCR to continue its strong enforcement of Title IX and to keep publishing the list of schools under investigation for Title IX violations. 

[If you have any additional comments, you can add them here].  

Thank you!

Then, take to social media to share with your friends that you called, and encourage them to do the same.