Beginning on July 6th, we will begin a week of action with a Tweetstorm. Help us remind them that we're here, we're watching, and we won't be ignored.

Using #DearBetsy, share why Title IX and its enforcement matters to you. Please link to our page ( and attach graphics, which can be downloaded below. We also have messaging for Tweets to help get you started. 


  • #DearBetsy We’re Back (Twitter, Facebook, GIF)
  • #DearBetsy The Office for Civil Rights is responsible for protecting the rights of student survivors — not eliminating them (Facebook, Twitter)


  • #DearBetsy Rescinding Title IX guidance moves us backwards when we desperately need progress in ending campus sexual violence

  • #DearBetsy We believe students deserve education free of sexual violence. Show us that you do too. Protect Title IX guidance

  • #DearBetsy Federal guidelines are crucial. A survivor's access to justice should not be dependent on their zip code

  • #DearBetsy @EDcivilrights guidance gives more protections to BOTH parties and ensures a fair process for all

  • #DearBetsy survivors need processes and protections strengthened by @EDcivilrights guidance to stay in school

  • #DearBetsy Survivors won't be silent while you threaten protections that helped many of them get justice and support