You've now seen our requests. Tell Betsy DeVos what yours are. 

Ways to get involved

1. Tell Betsy DeVos why Title IX enforcement is important you: Any time between July 6th and July 13th, write an op-ed, Medium post, or on any other platform you write on about the importance of maintaining current Title IX enforcement and guidance. It should stress the importance of Title IX’s long-standing protections for survivors and ask the administration to maintain the enforcement, programs and guidance previously put into place — and that the Trump administration’s own history indicates they should be the last people to touch them at all. 

2. Tell us your story, so that we can amplify it: We want to hear how Title IX Guidance, and seeing a Department of Education that has publicly committed to enforcing the rights of students has helped you, and how your life would have been different without it. Please fill out this form from the National Women's Law Center to tell your story so it can be shared with Betsy DeVos. 

3. Write an op-ed: Write an op-ed and publish it in your local community paper or in your campus paper. Call on your government officials and university to uphold the 2011 Dear Colleague Guidance and to enforce the civil rights that students have been granted under Title IX, and more than four decades of administrations on both sides of the aisle have affirmed through guidance and legal precedent. 


Want help amplifying your story or writing? Reach out: